October 18, 1993, graduated from Tsinghua University, Feng Jun from someone else's counter rented a small place, began his own business path. At the beginning of the venture, Feng Jun sales agents keyboard, chassis, monitors and other computer accessories, then work, that is, every day early in the morning, single-handedly carry a keyboard, single-handed carry only chassis rush in Zhongguancun various counters. Due to establish the "Chinese flag" patriotic feelings, Feng Jun company registered as "Huaqi." Feng Jun later said, "no matter what, I think as an entrepreneur, a private entrepreneur, must always hold a grateful heart. Then Huaqi to" integrity, reliable "in the rapid rise of Zhongguancun The.
In 1996, Huaqi information display, chassis, keyboard has been recognized by many consumers, and won the media attention, so the company began to plan the establishment of its own brand, developed a "Patriot" brand and logo. "Patriot", the first time in people's vision.